About The Salted Mama

Hi, mama!

Welcome to The Salted Mama! My name is Caleigh and I am the creator and curator of The Salted Mama - an online collection of products for mamas at every stage of motherhood. As a mom of a toddler, I love creating decor, accessories, and other items that help me celebrate and connect with my daughter. Through The Salted Mama, I look forward to sharing my passion and the celebration of motherhood with other mamas by creating custom pieces just for you. Have an idea for something you don't see here? Just send me a message! I'd love to work one-on-one with you to bring your vision to life.

The Salted Story

My journey into online sales started in 2019 with my original company, Salted Home Company. I've always loved to craft and create, and when I had my daughter, Everleigh Rain, in 2019, I found myself purchasing decor and accessories for her and thinking that I'd love to create these items for my daughter myself. When my daughter's first birthday came around, I began teaching myself macrame and how to create dreamcatchers as decor for her "Wild One" birthday party. 

After her party, I recognized how much I loved creating, and also realized I was ready to take things to the next level. I purchased a home laser and got to work designing and creating home decor out of wood and acrylic. I chose the name "Salted Home Company" because I view the decor and accessories I was creating as the finishing touches to a room, just like a pinch of salt on a perfect meal. 

In 2021, I became pregnant again with my beautiful son, Michael Anthony. God had a unique plan for Michael, and he was born far too soon. Despite all odds, Michael showed the strength to live for a full hour after he was born. Michael taught our whole family how to love deeper and view life with a fresh lens of gratitude. I met an incredible doula during my birth with Michael, and her guidance and selflessness inspired me to share my story and truly celebrate motherhood of all kinds. Though I wasn't sure how at the time, I felt called to channel my creativity and life experiences into a "thing" for mothers and their children. 

In mid-2022, the idea for The Salted Mama came to me. I had created a sign for a new mom-to-be for her son's room and felt such an overwhelming joy when I saw a photo of her receiving her gift. The look in her eyes as she held her sign was magical - I saw hope, I saw pride, I saw her dreams for the future. I realized that while I love what I do with Salted Home Company, I needed to create a place just for moms (of all kinds) - a place where they can shop for everything they need for their little ones and for themselves (all moms deserve pampering). And thus, here we are. my hopes for The Salted Mama are that this online store becomes a place where mamas and those shopping for mamas think to come to find the perfect, personal gift for mamas at all stages of motherhood. For those looking to share their experiences, or read about mine, I plan to develop a Salted Mama blog where I invite other mamas to write entries to make sure we capture the emotions and experiences of all kinds of motherhood. As I continue with my crazy crafting adventures and ideas, I'll share a bit about that as well. All in all - this site - it's for you, mama. And I am so, so thankful you are here.

All my love, blessings, and gratitude for you,